Can the devil cause bad luck?


Even though you may be completely convinced that the devil or other hidden forces are causing continuous misfortunes in your life, you must know that these evils that have happened to you form a part of the trials of life. We are pilgrims in this world and all evils that happen to us form a part of that trial.

Appendix for priests

This is one of the most frequent consultations that priests receive from people who, in some moment of their lives, believe to be suffering the effects of some kind of magic. The first thing that we should answer is that, from a Christian perspective, to speak of good or bad luck is a very superficial way of considering things. I say superficial, even though we must add that, although as a modus loquendi it is admissible, nevertheless, theologically it is incorrect. What externally appears as bad luck should be considered a trial. What externally appears as good luck should be considered a blessing.
In this sense, God permits evil by means of all kinds of secondary causes, among which the devil is also included. Now, how can we know if the devil is related to a streak of bad events that happen in our lives? There is no way possible, since we are dealing with a possible cause, which, though real, is invisible. Only when the events are completely inexplicable, either due to the way they have happened, or because such a chain of events is not reasonable, it would be admissible to think that a diabolic causality could be behind it all.
Therefore, the priest should answer that there is no direct way of knowing if the devil is or is not responsible for the events that the person has referred. But, if the influence of the devil is, in fact, behind these events, the best we can do to offset this influence is by prayer. Prayer, we should say, is what will bring divine blessings over us and get rid of that evil being. Right away, people ask how much prayer should be said, which prayers and in what way should they be said. The answer I give is: the more prayer you say will bring more divine blessings on you and yours.
People tend to look for complicated, almost magical, ways to recover peace in their lives. We must explain to them that God is a God of simplicity.