Curses, spells, evil eye

Many people wonder if curses work; that is, those things which are done to do harm to someone with the help of the devil. Some inadequately call it Evil Eye, although it has nothing to do with our way of looking or with the eye itself.

The first thing that must be said is that the person who makes a curse, as well as the person who asks for one to be made, will be the first people jeopardized by the devil. Without a doubt the jeopardy will consist in either some type of diabolic influence, or with possessions or sicknesses. The devil is never invoked in vain.

Then people wonder if the curse works against the person cursed. That depends on God's Will. In other words, the same can be affirmed concerning normal accidents, sickness or other misfortunes. God permits good and evil in our existence on earth, because life is a trial before Judgement. Certainly, a person who prays and lives in God's grace will be protected by God. The more one prays and lives a spiritual life, the more he is protected.

How can one know if he is the victim of a curse? There is no way to know it, since the devil's action is invisible. It can only be sure when a possession or other diabolic intervention occurs in the person, the signs of which are visible to the exorcist. It is also possible to know if an evil is caused by a curse when that evil is accompanied by malignant preternatural events. But unless there appear external signs which reveal a diabolic origin, one can never know if these happenings come from natural causes or not.

What should be done if one suspects that someone has put a curse on him? As has just been said, it is not possible to achieve certainty in this matter, not even for a specialist, much less for a particular person without much knowledge of the subject. But if a curse has been made, the only way to destroy it will be to do exactly the contrary: invoke God.

In other words, if a person has invoked the devil to do evil, the victim must invoke God to be protected, helped and blessed by God. Good is always stronger than evil.

When people come to my parish saying that they are suffering from a curse, I tell them that, outside of certain exceptions, it is impossible to verify a diabolic causality; but if in fact they are suffering from a curse, the only remedy and medicine is to do the following daily:

-pray a mystery of the rosary.
-read the Gospel for 5 minutes.
-speak with God for a few moments.
-go to mass (on Sundays or even more frequently)
-place a blessed crucifix in the house.
-place a blessed image of the Virgin Mary in the house.
-make the sign of the cross with holy water once a day.

Doing this, if the evils they suffer are caused by the devil, these will begin to subside. But if they do not begin to diminish in any way, that will be a sign that they are not caused by a curse.

Appendix for priests

Many priests can tend to be skeptical about the effectiveness of a curse. Nevertheless, all exorcists are unanimous in holding that curses exist that, permitted by God, have produced evil effects. This has been confirmed time and time again everywhere throughout the centuries. When a curse has been accompanied by a possession, sometimes the devil has revealed the place where the object which produced the possession or sickness could be found (buried or otherwise hidden). The evil object could be a frog hidden in a can, hair strands in a wax doll, etc. The reference to objects is not so much of importance as to the fact that it is interesting to observe that there exists a cause-effect connection between the act of invoking the demons and the harm that is produced.

I myself, who am writing this, was originally very skeptical about this subject of curses. But the years of experience has obliged me to bow before the evidence. Sometimes one's own theories about how the world should be, have to recognize the world as it really is.

Now, every secondary cause only produces an evil if God permits it to. If something is not included in God's plans, it simply does not happen. Therefore, the extraordinary acts of the devil are only one more element belonging to the permission of evil in this world.

How can one know if a person, who says he is suffering from the influence of the devil, is correct or is suffering from autosuggestion. Well, there is no possible way. The devil's acts are invisible. The only thing a priest can do is bless the person for some moments (or even recite a brief exorcist formula in Latin, without the person realizing it) to see if there is some reaction.

If, in fact, there is some strange reaction, it will be necessary to send him to the priest specialized in these cases. Diabolic effects produce a series of typical reactions that an expert will recognize. For these cases in which there is no possession, but there is a preternatural influence of the devil, there are prayers included in the Appendix II of the Rite for Exorcism