The Mention of the Virgin Mary in an Exorcism

In the instruction of the beatification of St. Francis de Sales, one of the witnesses was a female religious who knew him in the first monastery of the Visitation in Annecy. She referred that on one occasion a young man, who had been possessed by the devil for the last five years, was brought before the Bishop of Genevre (Msgr. Charles Auguste de Sales, St. Francis' nephew and successor in the bishop's seat) to be exorcized. The interrogations of the devil were carried out next to the mortal remains of St. Francis. During one of these sessions, the devil cried out, full of fury: "Why should I have to leave?". A religious of the Sisters of the Visitation was present, who, when she heard this, invoked the Blessed Virgin: "Most Holy Mother of God, pray for us…" When the devil heard these words, -as the nun explained in her declaration-, the devil cried out even louder: "Mary, Mary! For me there is no Mary! Don't pronounce that name, which makes me shudder! If there were a Mary for me, like there is for you, I would not be what I am! But there is no Mary for me." Shaken by this scene, some of the people present began to cry. The devil continued: "If I had just an instant of the many that you people lose…! One lone instant and one Mary, I would not be a devil!". (Taken from Federico Suárez, "The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ", pag. 219-221)